Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz 20.1km

Leaving Burgos is the start of the Meseta. This is where the countryside is for the most part flat and you can off into the distance. Some people don’t like this area or often skip it but so far I’m actually loving it. 


Damn shadows! 


I try to include sign posts so I remember exactly where photo was taken. I loved walking through here, the ruins of the ancient convent of San Anton.


Nice too that I’m only 4km from final destination Castrojeriz. Made good time today and arrived in around 11.30am but Hostel wasn’t open so had a gander around this small town.


A monument to the pilgrims that pass through.


Pilgrims are a very social bunch and once we find someplace with sun and a bit of craic we tend to stay. New people joining and leaving to attend to aches, pains and laundry. 


The place I stayed at some high vantage points with spectacular views. 


Have to admit this was coming back from eating dinner where I had some drinks. Still in bed before ten though. You need to be in bed early as usually some lunatic in the dorm will insist on been up and gone by 5am, I generally lie in to 6.30 even if the lunatic has me awake since 5. 



Burgos to Hornillos del Camino 21km

Back to walking. Not knowing how I would feel I decided to leave early. Also I’m walking on my own again in as much as you ever walk on your own on the Camino. Left Burgos at 7.30.

But I got lost, confusion over an arrow took me 30 minutes in wrong direction. I’m so glad my Spanish is good enough to ask for directions and understand the response. All the same I was very cross which ironically made for faster walking as I cursed my way back onto the Camino.

Made good time but think I lost some of the joy of the walk. At one stage trying to calculate where the quickest flight home would be and how would I explain it on the blog.  Maybe I could sneak back into Ireland and make the rest up using Google. 

I stupidly thought that on my rest day my body would spring back something close to normal. No suck luck I’ve still got to take care of my blisters and I’ve swollen ankles.  So as I write this I’ve my ankles elevated to the next bunk bed and guess what they are looking less swollen. Now for some gentle exercise😆. 





A long and windy road. 


  This photo was taken by a random stranger. Relief on my face as I approach Hornillos del Camino. The view was amazing.

 Beer cups straight out of the fridge, the beer did taste better in them. But after 21km beer always tastes fab. 

Another pilgrims menu for dinner and then an early night. 

Boadilla del Camino to Carrion de Los Condes 24km

 Leaving Boadilla del Camino you walk a stretch along the canal.

  Not officially a rest stop more of a photo opportunity.



According to Brierley guide I’m half way, lots of debate pilgrim wise. But glad to get here regardless and cross another stage off the list.


Señor Carrion.  Nieka,  Olivia and I stayed in the Espiritu Santo hostel here. Run by nuns and was recommended by Alberto in the previous hostel. No bunk beds here which was great but didn’t stop the snoring from the woman in the bed next to me. Excited as nearing rest day on 12th May in Parador in Leon. 

Coming from someone who on their first night thought I would never get past snoring to me now going ” it’s not them who have to sleep its me so get on with it”. I’ve found a way of dealing with it., I’ve come a long way!

Arranged to meet Bud at 7.15 to start early next day so had to have a good nights sleep. 


Rest day? Your kidding me!

Not sure what a rest day usually entails but for me it was not wearing my walking boots and not sleeping in a hostel. 

Typically me I last minute booked a hotel in Burgos which turns out to be 2km outside main city centre. But luckily not far from where I start the Camino again.  

My phone lost battery power early today so not too many pics.  Met Bud at 10.15 am and we explored Burgos Cathedral which is massive and beautiful and needs over an hour to see the bare bones of it.

We then went to the highest point in Burgos with views over the city. 

Then back to getting stuff done like a new phone with Spanish SIM card for me and Bud needed to get his camera battery charged. Plus Siesta in between.  A long day of walking and really not much rest at all.

I met Canadian girls again ( see pic of 200km achievement) and we all had dinner together before going our separate ways.

So here are the few photos I took before my battery died.



Views out over Burgos at its highest point. 


Thought the was a gas piece of art? Or not sure but either way it made me smile.

Ages to Burgos roughly 23km. 

Ok so after last night I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Wine and walking not a great combination but walk into Burgos is supposed to be relatively straight forward and after first incline in the start of walk all is good. 

Burgos is where I’m taking a rest day so look out for updates on this post.



It’s official our earliest ancestors lived here but didn’t go into to see it. Maybe next time. 


Met a flock along the way. They knew where they were going …me not so sure. 


This way!


You often see these crosses on the Camino. These were on the perimeter fence of Burgos airport.


Decided to avoid walk through industrial estate to Burgos and so took alternative route via outskirts of airport and by rivers until reached main roads.


First time I’ve seem someone with a donkey, this lady and her donkey seemed to be enjoying the walk.


I do love an interesting lamppost. These were fabulous.

Catching up on Sunday paper reading. 

So much much to see in Burgos. I want to stay longer. Looks like a a spare seat for me ready and waiting.



One impressive  entrance to Burgos cathedral. 


Again my photos don’t do justice to how beautiful Burgos cathedral is.


I know some people think it’s wrong to take photos of food. But seriously how could I resist.   


This is the cafeteria where I got my smiley burger.

Belorado to Ages approx 28 km.

I’ve been adding pictures to the blog first and then filling in information from what I remember around it. Not sure if that’s working for you reading it so please let me know if there is something you’d like to know more about.

There has been some things which I would never have thought of when I haphazardly prepared for this trip. First I was the only one without painkillers, imagine my surprise when my North American pilgrims told me they were regularly taking ibuprofen! Morning noon and night and I’m sure they thought I was crazy cos I didn’t even bring anadin. The second thing was I never thought to ration was my toothpaste. A small tube should last weeks and I was running out after 1 week so evidently I was been too generous.  Had to buy a tube which has probably added extra weight to my rugsack but heyy I like my toothpaste.   



Watching clouds to see if I’ll get caught in rain. 

   Graves of civil war soldiers. 

 Trees and more trees, it’s not uncommon in the Camino that the landscape never changes. 


 According to the John Brierley guide (bible) I should walk to St Juan de Ortega but based on advice from fellow pilgrims. Rest assured it was a long walk through lots of trees. Thought I would never see the end of them but ground was soft so made good time. 

St Juan de Ortega a one horse town so had a beer and moved onto Ages a two horse town.


The extra 3.6km was nice..well as nice as any walk at the end of the day. But it means a shorter walk to Burgos tomorrow so happy days. 

Stayed in El Pajar (the hayloft) our host was Jose Luis. Lovely man who managed to understand my pigeon Spanish.

Put phone away and had several una Cana (200 ml beer) washed down by pizza and patatas brava. Slept well that not to be recommended doing it too often but as I was nearing my rest days I made an exception. 

Santo Domingo to Belorado 22.4km. 

Today was tough because it my first day of actually walking alone. Jessica went to Madrid for the Bank Holiday weekend and the 2 other girls stayed in Santo Domingo to rest. 

On top of that it was windy and it rained and it’s a holiday in Spain. I tried to tell the wind to feck off but no joy.  But somehow the day managed to turn out ok, one of those nice surprises. 

Leaving Santo Domingo 


Your probably wondering why I took a picture of such an ugly building but I was trying to capture the hills behind and I’m not A good enough photographer and just using my phone. 


Another church photo.

I stayed in the Municipal hostel tonight called El Corro. Run by two young guys Alberto and Augustine, really nice. Had dinner in the hostel cooked by the ladds and it was really very good.  Met my friend Bud again and so spent afternoon chilling out with him. 

So despite missing the ladies, today turned out to be pretty good.