29th May Mansilla de Las Mulas to La Virgen Del Camino 28kms. 

 Meeting people and walked with them but all stopped in Leon and I’m carrying on. 

This is one of the blue bridges on the way into Leon. It’s an industrial area but actually was not too bad.


Puente Castro is the exit point of Leon. As I found out a long way from entrance. Seemed to take forever to cross city.


I’m so bad at selfies but here is one at Leon cathedral. Didn’t feel need to stop here after been here previously. 


Even in Urban areas I still find a beautiful lamp post which as you know I’ve a thing about lamp posts.

Thought this meant I’m getting closer to my final destination for the day. So far  away that if I’d known I’d have cried.


Finally made it to the Virgen, Jesus the last 8kms in 28 degree heat was tough. Don’t want to do that again. 


The church that gives the town the name.


Road shot, my bad photography skills. Was really trying to capture the fountain and background so ignore road and focus. 


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