27th May, Dublin-Santander-Sahagun 

Preparing to go back I think dipping my feet in the Ocean will help healing process. Clearly Milo the dog is bemused by this what the picture doesn’t capture is my brother Mark who is taking photo telling me to stay in. Cannot tell u how cold the water was!  

 This monstrosity is taking me to Santander!   

Have a feeling this one of many selfies you’ll see of me this trip.

This train from Santander to Sahagun really impressed me, clean and roomy. 


10.30 by time I got to Sahagun, the hostel closed at 11.  So this was of the many things that had me worried. 


I’ve discovered in the past few days that although I’m an optimist I worry the amount of things that could go wrong. This whole day had me worried but in the end it went according to plan and so I restart Camino on Thursday which brings a whole new set of worries which I won’t share with unless any one of them happens. But judging about how well Wednesday went I’m optimistic they won’t. 


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