Terraddillos de Los Templarios to El Burgo Ranero 30 km

One of the longest walks so far planned. Means 2 shorter walks to Leon. It’s getting hotter and more difficult to walk in the sun so decided to do this one long walk. 

Despite up until 10.30 last night plan we hit the road with full of vim and vigour. We are all feeling good today.




And did we do good or what! We sure did Go team Ireland (Bud and Me) followed closely by team Canada ( Nieka and Olivia). 


Me stopping to take photo of Church!


This cafe was great, ate yummy toasted sandwiches so it deffo deserves a mention .. Cafe del Pelegrino somewhere on road after Sahugun?

It’s Sunday, amen reached El Buurgo Ranero😀    

Storks nest again, part of Camino experience.


Running man meet up. This guy in green has been part of of our Camino so tonight he was strangely at our next table. Bud asked if we could take a photo and happily posed with us. In the pic is Olivia and Nieka along with dear friends Bob and Shari. Rob who according to any bookings is Roberto California and his wife Sherri have been an amazing couple to chat along the way. 


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