Carrion del Condes to Terraddillos de Los Templarios 26.8km

Every day a new challenge, today’s 17 km on the Roman road with no stop points. Made sandwich and water so stopped half way for a rest and to check feet. Alls good. This is the Meseta at its best.

Amazing engineering feet by Romans this road is long and straight. Can imagine chariot struggling to fight on it.


Snickers on the road makes Olivia a happy girl! 


With Marlay and finishing the Roman road! 


There’s a legend of a running man on the Camino and this is him in the background. He runs lengths of it, records it and moves on. Ledge!


My brother Alan’s birthday today, saw this and thought of him!


Our hostel tonight is pretty cool. Luckily I reserved it in my poor Spanish, thankfully Jesus here managed to understand it. 


Baffling but great picture a “shed” on top of a swimming pool. Man from Atlantis came to mind but then who knows man from Atlantis?



Saturday night and we are up for a laugh.  


Ok so at 10pm we are ready to say goodnight. First though a photo of our amazing surroundings.  Lucky with this photo. I do love it and my Camino thus far.



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