El Burgo Ranero to Home

And so this is where my story changes. As many of you will know my Mum has not been well. Leaving at the time I did I knew that it was touch and go if she would be alive during my Camino.

At Burgo Ranero my brother called me to tell me Mum was fading and I needed to home. So I left took a train to Leon, train to Bilbao and finally flight home.  In Bilbao I got a text from my brother to say that my mum had passed away in her sleep that morning peaceful.

So I’ll add pictures from my latest travels. Trusting that now that there is more than one person looking down on my travels and egging me on to walk that little bit further.

I’m not sure what Mum would have thought about that, maybe that I’m slightly mad but I’m sure she’d appreciate my desire to finish this, she always liked a good road. 







There should be a mirror in every garden!



Three ladies dancing in Bilbao.




A rather large spider in Bilbao!


So in terms of scale, this is how big the Spider is!


The famous dog in front of Guggenheim in Bilbao.



Dog gets a cleaning or watering, hard to know.



You can see which stick I’ve used most. 

My plan is now to say goodbye to my Mum, let my blisters heal and then return to my Camino.  


One thought on “El Burgo Ranero to Home

  1. Sorry Aoife, to learn about your mum. I know she would want you to get back on the trail and finish your goals. From what you told me about her, she was that kind of woman – and raised that kind of women. 🙂 Keep us posted – and we’ll chat soon (hopefully before you head back out). *love*


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