Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz 20.1km

Leaving Burgos is the start of the Meseta. This is where the countryside is for the most part flat and you can off into the distance. Some people don’t like this area or often skip it but so far I’m actually loving it. 


Damn shadows! 


I try to include sign posts so I remember exactly where photo was taken. I loved walking through here, the ruins of the ancient convent of San Anton.


Nice too that I’m only 4km from final destination Castrojeriz. Made good time today and arrived in around 11.30am but Hostel wasn’t open so had a gander around this small town.


A monument to the pilgrims that pass through.


Pilgrims are a very social bunch and once we find someplace with sun and a bit of craic we tend to stay. New people joining and leaving to attend to aches, pains and laundry. 


The place I stayed at some high vantage points with spectacular views. 


Have to admit this was coming back from eating dinner where I had some drinks. Still in bed before ten though. You need to be in bed early as usually some lunatic in the dorm will insist on been up and gone by 5am, I generally lie in to 6.30 even if the lunatic has me awake since 5. 



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