Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino 19.2km

My two travelling companions Bud (who I’ve been walking with the past week) and Neilas (Danish). I’m stopping early on this walk in Boadilla Del Camino avoiding the next town Fromista which has a reputation for bed bugs and frosty attitude from the locals. Also El Camino hostel in Boadilla Del Camino has got great reviews.

We are generally happy starting our day! 



All the way to the top! 


The sign at bottom showed a 12% incline which led us to discuss 12% of what?These are the things which occupy my mind as I huff and puff my way up a hill.



And then when I get my breath back I ask someone to take my photo!    

   Some interesting information about the bridge. I guess if they wrote this much about it, it’s important. So I took a photo.


I’m such a messer, but honestly walking sticks have got to have more than one use. Bud uses his to play the trumpet in his band! Anything for a laugh.


 This hostel is really fab, doesn’t hurt that the weather is amazing.



Storks nest on the village church.



It’s the donkey that I’m actually looking at. We first met the woman and donkey outside Burgos and have passed them a couple times since. 

 Olivia trying out alternative sun protectors! 

So hungry and ready for food!


Vino tinto anyone?


Team Ireland Bud and me with team Canada Nieka and Olivia! 


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