29th May Mansilla de Las Mulas to La Virgen Del Camino 28kms. 

 Meeting people and walked with them but all stopped in Leon and I’m carrying on. 

This is one of the blue bridges on the way into Leon. It’s an industrial area but actually was not too bad.


Puente Castro is the exit point of Leon. As I found out a long way from entrance. Seemed to take forever to cross city.


I’m so bad at selfies but here is one at Leon cathedral. Didn’t feel need to stop here after been here previously. 


Even in Urban areas I still find a beautiful lamp post which as you know I’ve a thing about lamp posts.

Thought this meant I’m getting closer to my final destination for the day. So far  away that if I’d known I’d have cried.


Finally made it to the Virgen, Jesus the last 8kms in 28 degree heat was tough. Don’t want to do that again. 


The church that gives the town the name.


Road shot, my bad photography skills. Was really trying to capture the fountain and background so ignore road and focus. 


28th May El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas 18kms

 On the road again.  So daunted by this but once your feet start walking it all comes back to you and it’s all ok. 

Doesn’t hurt that it was a lovely morning to return. 


Large scale agriculture needs these babies to keep them watered. 


The end is in sight. 



Leaving Mansilla de Las Mulas  you cross the Rio Esls.


Not sure if this is a river by Irish standards but it was beautiful.


Puerta de Santiago the original door into the village.



27th May, Dublin-Santander-Sahagun 

Preparing to go back I think dipping my feet in the Ocean will help healing process. Clearly Milo the dog is bemused by this what the picture doesn’t capture is my brother Mark who is taking photo telling me to stay in. Cannot tell u how cold the water was!  

 This monstrosity is taking me to Santander!   

Have a feeling this one of many selfies you’ll see of me this trip.

This train from Santander to Sahagun really impressed me, clean and roomy. 


10.30 by time I got to Sahagun, the hostel closed at 11.  So this was of the many things that had me worried. 


I’ve discovered in the past few days that although I’m an optimist I worry the amount of things that could go wrong. This whole day had me worried but in the end it went according to plan and so I restart Camino on Thursday which brings a whole new set of worries which I won’t share with unless any one of them happens. But judging about how well Wednesday went I’m optimistic they won’t. 

El Burgo Ranero to Home

And so this is where my story changes. As many of you will know my Mum has not been well. Leaving at the time I did I knew that it was touch and go if she would be alive during my Camino.

At Burgo Ranero my brother called me to tell me Mum was fading and I needed to home. So I left took a train to Leon, train to Bilbao and finally flight home.  In Bilbao I got a text from my brother to say that my mum had passed away in her sleep that morning peaceful.

So I’ll add pictures from my latest travels. Trusting that now that there is more than one person looking down on my travels and egging me on to walk that little bit further.

I’m not sure what Mum would have thought about that, maybe that I’m slightly mad but I’m sure she’d appreciate my desire to finish this, she always liked a good road. 







There should be a mirror in every garden!



Three ladies dancing in Bilbao.




A rather large spider in Bilbao!


So in terms of scale, this is how big the Spider is!


The famous dog in front of Guggenheim in Bilbao.



Dog gets a cleaning or watering, hard to know.



You can see which stick I’ve used most. 

My plan is now to say goodbye to my Mum, let my blisters heal and then return to my Camino.  

Terraddillos de Los Templarios to El Burgo Ranero 30 km

One of the longest walks so far planned. Means 2 shorter walks to Leon. It’s getting hotter and more difficult to walk in the sun so decided to do this one long walk. 

Despite up until 10.30 last night plan we hit the road with full of vim and vigour. We are all feeling good today.




And did we do good or what! We sure did Go team Ireland (Bud and Me) followed closely by team Canada ( Nieka and Olivia). 


Me stopping to take photo of Church!


This cafe was great, ate yummy toasted sandwiches so it deffo deserves a mention .. Cafe del Pelegrino somewhere on road after Sahugun?

It’s Sunday, amen reached El Buurgo Ranero😀    

Storks nest again, part of Camino experience.


Running man meet up. This guy in green has been part of of our Camino so tonight he was strangely at our next table. Bud asked if we could take a photo and happily posed with us. In the pic is Olivia and Nieka along with dear friends Bob and Shari. Rob who according to any bookings is Roberto California and his wife Sherri have been an amazing couple to chat along the way. 

Carrion del Condes to Terraddillos de Los Templarios 26.8km

Every day a new challenge, today’s 17 km on the Roman road with no stop points. Made sandwich and water so stopped half way for a rest and to check feet. Alls good. This is the Meseta at its best.

Amazing engineering feet by Romans this road is long and straight. Can imagine chariot struggling to fight on it.


Snickers on the road makes Olivia a happy girl! 


With Marlay and finishing the Roman road! 


There’s a legend of a running man on the Camino and this is him in the background. He runs lengths of it, records it and moves on. Ledge!


My brother Alan’s birthday today, saw this and thought of him!


Our hostel tonight is pretty cool. Luckily I reserved it in my poor Spanish, thankfully Jesus here managed to understand it. 


Baffling but great picture a “shed” on top of a swimming pool. Man from Atlantis came to mind but then who knows man from Atlantis?



Saturday night and we are up for a laugh.  


Ok so at 10pm we are ready to say goodnight. First though a photo of our amazing surroundings.  Lucky with this photo. I do love it and my Camino thus far.


Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino 19.2km

My two travelling companions Bud (who I’ve been walking with the past week) and Neilas (Danish). I’m stopping early on this walk in Boadilla Del Camino avoiding the next town Fromista which has a reputation for bed bugs and frosty attitude from the locals. Also El Camino hostel in Boadilla Del Camino has got great reviews.

We are generally happy starting our day! 



All the way to the top! 


The sign at bottom showed a 12% incline which led us to discuss 12% of what?These are the things which occupy my mind as I huff and puff my way up a hill.



And then when I get my breath back I ask someone to take my photo!    

   Some interesting information about the bridge. I guess if they wrote this much about it, it’s important. So I took a photo.


I’m such a messer, but honestly walking sticks have got to have more than one use. Bud uses his to play the trumpet in his band! Anything for a laugh.


 This hostel is really fab, doesn’t hurt that the weather is amazing.



Storks nest on the village church.



It’s the donkey that I’m actually looking at. We first met the woman and donkey outside Burgos and have passed them a couple times since. 

 Olivia trying out alternative sun protectors! 

So hungry and ready for food!


Vino tinto anyone?


Team Ireland Bud and me with team Canada Nieka and Olivia!